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Thursday, November 18, 2010

What To Read....Stanley Bing!

You probably read a number of periodicals or journals to keep abreast of trends in your field.  The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes and Inc. are all useful resources for the business-minded and the curious.

But occasionally, you want to read books that explore business ethics or themes or even competition in the workplace.  Naturally, you could go right to Michael Crighton and his sizzling thriller that explores competition in the workplace Disclosure.  But if you are a person who likes subtle humor and appreciates a deft use of language, go find yourself any book by Stanley Bing, who writes about business from a variety of angles and with savvy insight. In addition to Lloyd: What Happened? A Novel of Business, I recommend:  What Would Machiavelli Do?  The Ends Justify the Meanness, Throwing the Elepant:  Zen and the Art of Managing Up, Crazy Bosses, How To Relax Without Getting the Axe: A Survival Guide...

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