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Monday, April 18, 2011

Black Holes and Spam Catchers

One more time I learned my lesson about attaching large documents to an e-mail that I expected someone to answer quickly.  By quickly, I just mean a couple of days. When six days passed, I sent the follow up that tried not to sound like I was pestering or complaining:  "Did my e-mail go to your SPAM catcher?"

The reply:  Nope. Got it.  Just haven't read it yet.

That's okay.  I'm a realist, but it could have happened the other way:  my e-mail could have gone to the SPAM catcher.

It has before, and it has happened when deadlines were involved and people were changing e-addresses, so that there was a great deal of where are you now?  Do you still use that account?

One more time I have learned:  It is wiser to send a separate e-mail when attaching a big document so that the e-mail that has the key piece of information you also need to send has a better chance of reaching the person on the other side of the screen.

It's not foolproof.   But it increases the successful odds of communication happening.

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  1. I use the read / receipt function when I want to know if my email was read. I try to minimize sending large attachments, but when they are required I send an introductory email explaining I will be sending a large file and it may or may not make it to you based upon your email server's settings. Please let me know if you do or do not receive (filename).