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Monday, September 8, 2014

Take the Selfie Test When Adding an Attachment

Some folks have a knack for writing an enticing message when sending an attachment.  Others don't.

Often, the problem is an inability to recognize what a reader needs or wants to know when receiving a message with an attachment.  He or she (your reader) does not need to see you attaching the document.  He or she needs to have his/her curiosity whetted about the content of the attachment or expect to gain a benefit personally from reading the attachment.

That cover message for the attachment should not only assure the reader you are not a sender of SPAM but that the attachment has enough VALUE to risk opening it.  That risk might involve the release of a potential virus, but more often it simply means that the reader is risking losing time and his/her train of thought by the disruption of an email that is empty of value.

So, if you are not successful in gaining the respectful attention of your reader, take this SELFIE test when composing your message that introduces your attachment.

The next time you are attaching a document see if you can pass the SELFIE test.  If you can take a SELFIE of the action you describe in your message, you have failed to produce a compelling message for your attachment. That message might read like this:  Attached above is my document that I have placed there for you because you asked me for it.

What should a message in an email contain?  A benefit for the reader--not the image of you clicking "attach."

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