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Friday, December 31, 2010

Experiment in Creating Results-Producing Headlines for Blog

Like other people who are investigating the forum of blogging to see what attracts the most readership, I have been considering my headlines.  I think my content is sound, but my headlines have previously been written so that students who are interested in running a search inside my blog on specific topics, like email, can easily find those entries by running that simple search.

However, I think the design of the headlines for inside-the-blog searching is a logical function to use the blog as a classroom tool  but I am not sure if writing the headlines that way attracts the greatest number of hits through search engines that reach out to other professionals who may be interested in reading about professional writing. 

So, for the next few blog entries I shall experiment with headlines--writing the entries about creating workplace documents but use only one keyword to tag the subject and sculpt the rest of the blog headline to reach out to readers outside the classroom.

It will be interesting to watch which headlines draw the more readership and try to figure out, like any businessperson must, what works and what doesn't.

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